To meet the businesses' demands, we are expanding the service offering of additional products globally.

We currently handle medical equipment, digital products for members.

Inquiries, please visit the site of each service.

We offer innovative distribution service

for medical devices.
Our members can sell and export medical devices easily and efficiently through Aucnet global medical.

Used Smartphone and Tablet Auction are held every week. (for members only)

We list the items traded-in from mobile phone shops throughout Japan. The mobile phones are erased and ranked based on the condition by Blancco Mobile.
Only qualified buyers from all over the world can purchase items on our auctions.
On "My Page" buyers are able to bid anytime (24x7) during the auction, and confirm the biding history as well as its results.

Blancco Mobile

Blancco Mobile is designed to securely erase your smartphone's internal and external memory.
Restoring factory settings does not ensure that data is permanently destroyed, because your data can still be recovered afterwards. With Blancco Mobile, all user data such as emails, contacts and text messages are permanently erased, facilitating safe reuse or resale of the phone.
The software also works with tablet computers.


For Cooperation with apparel manufacturer

and distributor, we have begin the distribution service of apparel products.
Taking advantage of this service leads to rapid sales and useage of our advantaged logistics to expand your sales globally.